QNEXUS, in conjunction with its partners, is developing and implementing a new breed of connectivity, networking, and industry software solutions that will truly enable real-time, integrated, “E-Field” operations in the Oil & Gas industry in Qatar.
Real-Time Software
With QNEXUS’ Real-Time Software offering, customers will be able to gather, collect, and visualize critically important remote data in real-time from their offices or collaboration centre. The solution is vendor independent, easy to use, and compatible with all applicable data sources, and enables onshore experts to improve decision making and perform tasks from shore. 

Tracking Systems
QNEXUS Tracking Systems will streamline tracking and administration of personnel travelling offshore, improve seat utilization and reduce cost, get instant access to detailed personnel data in emergency situations, access central database with important personnel data, medical records, certificates in order to more efficiently approve or reject visitors and improve safety.
QNEXUS is developing high-speed, no/low latency, highly efficient connectivity solutions that will reform remote Oil & Gas operations in the country, enable real-time decision making, and reduce inefficiencies of traditional connectivity solutions available for remote rigs and platforms in Qatar.

QNEXUS provides secure data networks from your remote locations straight back to your onshore office, enabling secure data transfers, access to office network applications and the Internet – as well as enabling voice and video services on a separate network to facilitate local and international telephone calls, video surveillance and video conferencing. 

Collaboration Centres
QNEXUS’ Collaboration Centres are purpose built collaborative environments for communications, data collection, reporting, monitoring, and knowledge and information sharing where experts gain real-time insight from multiple remote fields from central onshore location for improved decision making and to move functions and personnel